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About Us

BAKHTAWAR GENERAL TRADING( BGT ) was established in 2007 and now is a globally recognized scrap and metal trading company with operations extending throughout Middle East, Far East, and Asia. BGT has grown to be a leading name in procurement and trading of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and is a vital link for many international metal manufacturers and foundries. We are committed to deliver quality products that provide considerable environment benefit. Our aim and objectives are to:

  • Create and sustain a commitment to provide quality and eco friendly products.
  • Enhance our global presence and market share and meet customer expectations.
  • Maintain a efficient and strict quality management system and quality assurance.
  • Create awareness of environment friendly business processes amongst our internal and external customers.

Our quality control systems and processes are managed by team of experts covering aspects of manual sorting, weighment, and activity check. Through our globally network operations, we do extensive international buying and selling of ferrous and non ferrous metals with a capability to handle bulk and containerized cargoes almost everywhere. With our fully equipped warehouses, skilled workforce and environment friendly storage facilities, we fulfill our commitments to our customers with timely deliveries.

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